Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Walk Like An Egyptian

(pre-warning: this is a very photo heavy blog post but I just couldn't narrow it down - I hope you still enjoy!)
Recently, myself and my boyfriend jetted off to Hurghada in Egypt for a two week holiday. It was absolutely stunning and I took so many pictures so I thought it would be nice to document it here on this blog!
We stayed in a hotel called Premiere Le Reve, which was one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever stayed at. I could not get over the sheer beauty of just walking through the hotel grounds (I kept having to pinch myself just to believe I was really there). Our first few days were spent sunning ourselves by the pool and taking strolls along the beach. Unfortunately, by around the third day, I got incredibly ill due to a mixture of things, and ended up actually being bed-ridden for most of the remainder of the holiday. I did manage to force myself on one of the excursions that we had planned, and so I managed to visit the Temple of Karnak, which was incredibly beautiful, and cross the Nile in a sailing boat before I was too ill to carry on with any of the other sights. Luckily, all wasn't lost and I managed to recover two days before we were due to fly home, so we spent them swimming in the Red Sea looking at all the exotic fish, which was actually a massive achievement for me as I'm not a strong swimmer and I get very nervous in the ocean not knowing what's swimming next to me!
One thing that I'll always remember about this holiday though is how incredible the hotel staff were. They looked after me so much and did absolutely everything they could to try and prevent my illness from ruining our holiday. Yes, working at the hotel is their job, but they did so many things for us that they were not required to do and were honestly some of the most polite and friendly people I've ever met. We plan to go back again to the very same hotel and do all the things we couldn't do because I fell ill and I really, really hope that happens. 

I hope you enjoyed having a sneaky peak into my holiday snaps and let me know in the comments where you went on your last holiday!


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  2. Wow all your pictures are soo pretty :) looks so cool!!