Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year Resolutions | 2015

It's 2015! 
Personally, I am useless at New Year Resolutions. I always seem to pick the ones I'll never stick to, like giving up chocolate, or going to the gym 4 times a week, ones that I know full well will never happen, but I convince myself these are what I need to work on. This time I've tried to pick out five realistic resolutions that I know I can work on and will hopefully manage to stick to!

Read More
Last year I read around 13 books, which for someone who is usually never without a book in hand is not that many. I'm hoping this year I can set myself some reading targets and get a lot more reading done!

Write More
The problem I have with writing is that I'll get one idea and get really excited about it, but then another will pop into my head and the first one will just get completely forgotten about. I must have hundreds of beginning to novels but no endings, so hopefully I can change that this year!

Cut Down on Crisps
They are my weakness. I can honestly just sit there and eat packet after packet and it's so unhealthy for me. If I say to myself to cut out crisps entirely, it will never happen, but if I just say to cut down to maybe one bag a week, and then slowly cut down to one bag a month, this could work!

Blog More
I love this blog. I love the fact that I can just write and upload anything I want to whenever I want. My own little corner of the internet where I can just let my brain and thoughts run wild. I really want to start uploading posts more frequently and start writing about a variety of things. I hope if you read my blog you enjoy what's to come!

Worry Less
I am one of those people that worries about everything. Absolutely everything. I worry even though I know there's nothing I can do about it and I'm just making things worse. I want to take a lot more opportunities and do a lot more things this year but that's never going to happen if I don't stop getting so anxious over everything so lets hope I can figure out a way to do that this year!

Let me know what your resolutions are in the comments and whether we share any similar ones!

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