Monday, 23 February 2015

2015 Bucket List

Last year on this blog I decided to set myself a bucket list of things I wanted to do or accomplish before the end of the year. As I hadn't started this blog until august last year I only had a few months left to complete my bucket list so needless to say I didn't manage to get through them all! But, this time I have a whole year to complete them so I thought I would make myself a new 2015 bucket list. I'm going to use some of the things that I included in my bucket list last year and carry them over to this one whilst also coming up with some new things to accomplish!

Complete my 2015 Reading Challenge
(which is to read 21 books in this year) I'm already onto my 7th book and it's only February so lets hope I can keep this up!
Travel more
 I really want to see and do more things this world has to offer!
Go to the Harry Potter studios in London
I have wanted to go here since it opened and I still haven't so fingers crossed this is the year!
Learn how to play a new instrument
I'm thinking either the piano or ukulele
Stick with one idea for a book
My life-time goal is to write a book and have it published but I always have too many random ideas floating around so this year I plan to stick to one and really work at getting it written!
Get my room organised!
I have so much stuff just lying about without having a proper place so I really need to get rid and get organised!
Go to the Theatre
I'd love to see The Lion King and Les Mis!
Read at least two pieces of Classic British Literature
I own numerous books by Dickens, Austin, Hardy... all the classics, yet have only ever read the odd 1 or 2 so I'd really like to read more!
Adopt an animal at the zoo
I know I had this one in my last bucket list and I didn't achieve it, but to adopt an animal and help to give it a better life is something I really would love to do
Keep up with this blog!
This is one of my favourite hobbies so I really want to make sure I keep up with uploading blog posts frequently!

Let me know in the comments if you have any goals set for the year and what they are!

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