Friday, 20 March 2015

DIY - Strawberry Lip Balm

As you may have seen from my '8 Awesome Things' post, my wonderful friend Natalie got me this 'Make Your Own Lipbalm Kit' for christmas!
The instructions seemed fairly straight forward so I figured I'd write a blog post on how I made it and give a small review of the product.
I hope you enjoy!

7.5g Beeswax
12.5g Shea Butter
5g Cocoa Butter
15ml Almond and Calendula Oil
Strawberry Flavouring

The only items you need are a pan, bowl and something to mix with.
Fill your pan half way with water and place onto your hob to heat. Place a bowl on top and leave to warm up!

Add the Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Beeswax and mix until it melts. This does take quite a while and it goes extremely gloopy before it melts properly. Try to avoid getting it on your hands as it's a nightmare to wash off! It's probably best if you leave it to melt itself for a while before you attempt to stir it but once it's melted it should look something like this...

Once it's melted, pour in the Almond and Calendula Oil and your Strawberry flavouring and mix well, making sure it's all melted and hot!
Now you simply pour it into the tins... or not so simply!
The instructions say to take it off the heat before you add in the strawberry flavouring (which I did do), but then because it had already started to cool, by the time I had mixed it and was pouring it into the tins, it had started to harden into the lipbalm! Instead of pouring evenly into the tins it started going gloopy and ended up looking a mess in the tin!
(As pictured below)

So I quickly put everything back on the heat and scraped as much as I could off the side of the bowl to get it all to melt again! Once it was back to it's melted form, I kept it on a high heat for as long as I could, grabbed a tea towel so I could just pick the bowl up straight away without burning my hands, and poured it into the tins as quickly as I could! This time worked out better and it poured into the tins evenly. If you plan to purchase this kit yourself, make absolute sure you keep the ingredients as hot as you can whilst pouring them into the tins!

This is what it should have looked like when I poured it into the tins!...
Now for the creative part! Whilst you're leaving your lipbalm to cool so it can set, you can get creative designing your tin lids. Now, they do come with plain white sticky labels which you can stick onto the lid and draw on, but for someone like me who personally is rubbish at drawing, I didn't like that idea! The labels don't actually cover the entire lid either which I wasn't a fan of, so, I found some left over scraps of wrapping paper and fashioned my own lid covers!
I simply cut a square piece of wrapping paper and using some glue, stuck it the top of the lid. I then folded down the rest of the wrapping paper to cover the sides and stuck it to the underside of the lid!
I think this is a great alternative for people who aren't that good at art and also makes the tins look quite cute!

Once the mixture has cooled down in the tins it should look something like this!...

And now you're done! I personally really enjoyed using this kit and had I not had that slight problem in the middle, I would've had 5 perfect looking lip balms!
I have used this product since making it, and not only does it smell amazing (the strawberry flavouring literally smells like a sweet shop), it's really smooth and soft on your lips but doesn't make them too sticky. I would definitely recommend this product if you're looking for something fun and creative to try. Natalie knew I love strawberry scents which is why she got me that one, but they also do orange, spearmint and an unscented one. Not only can you make your own lipbalms, they also offer make your own face masks and body scrubs!
So that's how I made my own lipbalms! I had never heard of this product before my friend bought it me for Christmas but I can honestly say I loved it and I think I'll definitely be trying out their face masks!
If you'd like to purchase your own lipbalm, scrub, or mask kit you can do that HERE
If you would like this exact strawberry lipbalm kit you can find it HERE
Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this post and would like to try the kit out yourself!


  1. This looks like so much fun! It must be so cool to be able to use a product that you made yourself :)

    1. It really is! :) The products really good as well it's really moisturising! :) xxx

  2. Oh wow you made that? That looks so cool!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. I did :) You should give it a go! They do all kinds of stuff! :) xxx

  3. That's amazing and really fun to do it. Great job. Hope you could check out my latest post.