Friday, 24 April 2015

Book Haul | 2

Last year I read quite a few books that I didn't enjoy and it put me into a large reading slump that resulted in me only reading 13 books, going months and months without reading anything. So, as a way to motivate me to read more and complete my reading challenge of 21 books this year, my boyfriend made me a deal where he would treat me to a new book every time I finished reading one. Obviously I agreed to this and it's been working wonders for my reading! So because of this deal, I had so many books, (along with ones I've purchased for myself), that I've had to split this book haul into two separate ones, so expect another book haul soon!

I purchased The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon quite a while ago and I've read it already and absolutely loved it! It's the second book in The Bone Season series and really is just incredible. The series starts in the year 2059, where certain humans have become clairvoyant. The story follows a young girl named Paige Mahoney, who is a particularly high class of clairvoyant, as she attempts to discover and fight against the true secrets of the world she lives in.
The next book I bought, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, is about a young girl who lives in a time where humans and dragons co-exist. The dragons can disguise themselves in the shape of humans, and when it turns out that someone has been murdered, everyone assumes a dragon committed the crime. The story then follows Seraphina as she attempts to discover who did it! I'm strangely into books about dragons at the minute so I'm looking forward to this!

These next 3 books were purchased by my boyfriend on separate occasions after I had finished reading a book. I picked up The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton first! I'm really trying to branch out with my reading and this sounds perfect. It's set in 1686 and follows a young girl who has recently married a wealthy merchant, a man whom she actually doesn't know all that well. He presents her with a dolls house that is a complete replica of their home, and so to furnish it, she hires a miniaturist. The story then follows the family as the happenings within the dolls house start to determine the happenings of real life. It sounds ridiculously good and also a little scary so I'm definitely excited to read this, I have heard nothing but good things!
The next book is Talon by Julia Kagawa. Yes, this is another book about dragons! This book again is essentially about a war between dragons and humans, however what really interested me is that fact that each chapter alternates between two different perspectives. I've only ever read one book that did that before and that was Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman and I really liked it!
The final book, A Flash of Blue by Maria Farrer is actually one that I know pretty much nothing about. I picked it up pretty much just because the cover caught my eye. I read the synopsis and it sounded intriguing, I think it follows a young girl after her brothers death and how she copes with that. It seems quite a short book so hopefully I'll fly through it!

The next book I got was All My Friends Are Super Heroes by Andrew Kaufman and I am so excited to read this. I think the title is quite self-explanatory regarding what the book's about but I think it also includes a love story in some way!
Who else loves that feeling when you completely forget that you've pre-ordered a book and then it shows up in the post as a little present to yourself that you forgot you had coming? That's what happened with Very Good Lives by JK Rowling. I saw this book on Amazon a while back and of course, I will purchase pretty much everything JK Rowling writes so I pre-ordered it. It turns out this isn't actually a novel, it's a printed version of a speech she gave at Harvard University. I am so interested in reading this because pretty much anything this woman says is inspirational to me. Each page has been designed in a certain way with images relating to what she's discussing, and it's just beautiful!

These final 3 books were bought on a whim one day when I was just having a browse through a bookshop! I hadn't actually heard of these books before I bought them, but I was interested in the fact that they are a vampire series. I've only ever read one vampire series which was Twilight and I wasn't particularly sold on it. I thought they were alright but I probably won't ever go back and re-read them so I'm really looking to find a vampire series that I enjoy. These sounded interesting and I couldn't resist the 3 books for £5 deal!

Keep your eyes open for another book haul soon as I have a lot more books to show you that I didn't want to squeeze into this one. Let me know in the comments what books you're currently reading and I'd love to know any recommendations!


  1. The Miniaturist is at the top of my too buy list, I can't wait to read it! I'm totally the same about reading everything by J.K Rowling, and I didn't realise that she had published something recently, the speech sounds really interesting, thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)

    1. You're very welcome! I'm going to post a review about it soon because it's too good not to rave about! :) xxx

  2. That's a biiig list of books and some of them sound as if I'd enjoy these, too. Thank you for summing them all up in such a nice way. Makes it so much easier for me as a reader to find out which ones I like, too. That being said, are you on goodreads? Would be fun to know which books you've already read :D

    1. I know and it's only half of the amount I actually had! :) You're welcome! I am yes :) There should be an icon at the right side of my blog showing my recent updates but if that doesn't work here's the link to my profile; :) I'd love to check out your account too if you have one! :) xxx

    2. I do have an account, too, but I forgot about soooo many books that I've read. Do you have that, too? I wanted to add all the books I've read so far, just to realize I forgot almost all the titels and only remember the stories inside the books. xD I added you as a friend on goodreads, hope that was okay? Here is my profile:

    3. I have a really bad habit of keeping every book I own regardless of how old it is or whether I liked it or not so I own pretty much every book I've ever read! :) Of course I accepted the request! :) xxx