Saturday, 11 April 2015

Easter Weekend - Blue Planet Aquarium

Over the Easter weekend myself and my boyfriend decided to treat ourselves to a few days out and ended up taking a trip down to Blue Planet Aquarium! I've been there before as a kid but I was so young I couldn't really remember anything about it so the whole experience was brand new to me!
If you've never been to an aquarium before then it's definitely a great day out to start planning. Blue Planet is pretty huge and not only has all manner of fish to go and see, but also has sharks, spiders, snakes and quite randomly, upside down jelly fish!
They do different shows throughout the day and also feed all the fish so you get to see them up close.
Not only that, but the inner geek inside me had an awesome time learning all the different facts about the marine life. Apparently, I weigh the same as a dolphin...almost! *I think my weight rested somewhere between a penguin and a dolphin!*
I think days like this can be really enjoyable days out, especially if you have kids! But even so myself and my boyfriend had a lot of fun making up random voices and personalities to go with all the different fish. I think one of my favourites was the puffer fish that spent the entire time circling it's tank with it's fin going so fast it looked like it had a mini propeller stuck to it!
I had myself an awesome day out and I urge everyone to go and experience an aquarium at least once! Let me know in the comments if you've been and what your favourite part of it was!

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