Sunday, 29 November 2015

Awesome Gifts

 If you saw my post last sunday you'll know that a couple weeks ago it was my 21st Birthday! I did a post way back in january sharing some of the incredible gifts I was given over my birthday/christmas last year so I thought I would do the same again now. I will say though that pretty much 80% of the presents I was given were either Harry Potter or Disney merchandise, so expect a lot of that in this post! 

Harry Potter Adult Colouring Book | Harry Potter Every Flavour Beans
For my birthday this year, my wonderful boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to get me a harry potter colouring book and he was definitely right! Some of the pictures in this book are absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to sit and make my way through it. Not only is colouring a wonderfully relaxing pass time, but the fact that it's harry potter just make it so much better!
I was also given this little box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans off my cousin and I can't tell you how chuffed I was when I received these! I've tried these before and it's so much fun to use them in a little game with your friends. Just put them all in a bowl and then each take a turn to randomly pull one out, you could get lemon or vomit flavour, sausage or earwax, it's so much fun. These would make for a fun little game on christmas evening with all the family!

Disney DVD Collection
You just can't go wrong with a good old' disney dvd as a christmas present and now that disney have brought out the gorgeous new packaging I honestly want to collect every single one. Although I must admit, disney bringing out this new packaging has made me realise just how few disney dvds I actually own! It's safe to say this is definitely going to change as I think everyone I know is getting me a disney dvd for christmas so I should hopefully expand my collection!

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Illustrated Edition | Harry Potter Travel Trivial Pursuit
In october the new illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone came out and it is absolutely beautiful! This is another thing that I just know I'm going to treasure forever and one day read to my kids as a bedtime story. It's the perfect gift for any potterhead out there!
Anybody who knows me knows that I love a good board game, so when I was given a harry potter trivial pursuit game for my birthday, you can imagine how excited I was! I also love the fact that this is a travel version as it means I can take this with me anywhere and always have something fun and exciting to do, but on the flip side I can still just pinch the board out of my regular trivial pursuit game and play a proper sit down game with harry potter themed questions!

Disney Showcase Collection
I cannot express how beautiful these are in real life. Disney have basically brought out a range of beautiful collectible figurines and I've been wanting one for so long that when I opened these on my birthday, I genuinely nearly cried! These are more on the expensive side at around £30 each and the reason I was given these was because it was my 21st birthday and my parents and sister wanted to get me something that I could keep forever, and what could be more perfect than these?! Although I will say that getting these are kind of a downward spiral because now that I have these two, I want to collect the whole lot!

Charm Bracelet
When I opened this gift off my lovely friend Natalie, I'm not ashamed to say that I cried! When I first opened it I thought it was beautiful, but then she went into talking about what each of the charms inside it were, and boy did I ball my eyes out! Each of these charms has a separate, sentimental meaning to me and oh my goodness I love it so much. I'm afraid I can't tell you specifically where she got this from but I'm sure they will be easy enough to find on google. I honestly love this so much and it's such a personal gift to get, it can really show someone how much you care!

I hope this has maybe helped some of you out there who are struggling to think of christmas gift ideas! I do love spoiling people on christmas but I also think it really doesn't matter how many gifts you get or how much money you spend, so long as it's spent with the best people in your life, christmas will be a roaring success!



  1. There are a plenty of boyfriend gifts around us, but the gifts you picked up are outstanding without fail. Thanks for the great help!

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