Sunday, 13 December 2015

My Christmas Reads

I thought as part of this christmas series of posts I would share with you the books that I'll be reading over the festive period! I only chose one full book and 2 novellas because I wanted to make sure I finished them within the christmas period and didn't overdo it! 
So the first book I read when December hit was 'Christmas with Billy and Me' by Giovanna Fletcher. I read Billy and Me years ago and I bought this around maybe the start of the year and I have been waiting and waiting to read it at christmas time. I read this book in one sitting as it's only 50 pages so is a very quick read and it really is a lovely little heartwarming story. You could honestly just pick this up when you have a spare half hour, blitz it and instantly be in a festive mood!
The next book I chose was 'Dream A Little Christmas Dream' by Giovanna Fletcher. This is another novella that she brought out in October I think to go alongside her latest book 'Dream A Little Dream'. I read Dream A Little Dream when I was on holiday in Greece and that is my favourite book that Giovanna has written. I did a review on it a while back saying how much I loved it so I am very excited to be reading this companion novella. I started this on friday and am loving it already. I plan to sit down when I have a spare hour and blitz this one as well!
The last book I chose to read this christmas is 'I Heart Christmas' by Lindsey Kelk. I've had this for a couple years and always wanted to read it at christmas time but I just always had something else I was reading, so this year I am determined to read it. It seems like a wonderful light hearted christmas read and I know it'll be a lovely thing to sit down with a cup of tea in front of the christmas tree and relax with!

So those are the books I plan to read this Christmas. Let me know in the comments what you're currently reading and any recommendations you might have!


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