Sunday, 21 February 2016

10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Living in England means dealing with rainy days on a weekly basis, sometimes even every day for weeks on end. Although I am a home bird so a rainy day actually makes me feel quite cosy and gives me an excuse to read and drink tea all day, I figured the people out there who pray to be out in the sunshine might get quite bored with the endless rainy days, so I thought I'd give a list of things to keep you occupied when the rain is pouring down!

A rainy day is the perfect excuse to get in a hot bath filled with bubbles and bath bombs and relax for a couple hours. You could do a face mask, exfoliate, moisturise and pop on your comfiest clothes when you get out. A pamper day for me usually involves painting my nails as well as I'm far too lazy to do it on a regular basis so I tend to snuggle up in my dressing gown and spend time getting them right!

I have been super rubbish at reading recently. I'm actually quite worried at how slowly I'm making my way through my reading goals so I need to get my butt in gear and get reading and what better time is there to do that than when it's pouring down outside! Curling up on the couch with a book, blanket and cup of tea is my idea of bliss so I will find as many excuses as I can to do that!

I love those days where I can just sit and watch as many disney films as I want without feeling bad for it (usually a sunday because hey, sunday is rest day!) Even if they're just on in the background whilst you do something else, disney just makes everything better!

Quite a while back now I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit and after a few lessons with my grandma, I got the hang of it! It's got to the point now where I've actually taught a few of my friends how to knit and we genuinely have days where we sit and knit as we catch up with each other (I know, you wouldn't think we're all in our early 20's...!) But it's honestly such a relaxing hobby and it's so nice to do something that doesn't involve a screen. Plus you could spend all day doing it and not feel like you've been wasting time because you've made something at the end of it!

For my birthday and christmas just gone I got given a lot of colouring books! I recently purchased some nice pens as well and it's been so much fun unwinding in the evenings with a colouring book. Being a university student means that even when I'm at home I'm constantly worrying about deadlines and whether I should be doing even more work so sometimes it's just nice to put all those thoughts aside and de-stress with an hour or so of colouring! If you're someone who finds it quite difficult to switch off and unwind, I would definitely recommend investing in a few adult colouring books!

This would probably be the last one on my list that I'd actually want to do, but this is probably the one that would make me feel the best! Nothing beats when you've cleared a room out or scrubbed your bedroom from top to bottom, put fresh bedding on or finally got round to filling those photo frames you've had for months. I recently cleared all of the drawers in my room and it feels so good not to have as much clutter anymore!

Me and my friends do this almost every week as a way of catching up and having fun! Call me old fashioned but I just love getting a group of us together and playing board games all day. We usually order a pizza, get some nibbles and laugh the day away!

I haven't done this for a long time but me and my mum used to bake cupcakes regularly! It's actually quite a relaxing thing to do and it's always fun to look up new recipes and see what yummy things you can create. I've been looking for some healthy cake recipes to try and cut down on the amount of junk I eat but still satisfy those cravings so hopefully I'll find something that's a success! 

I love making scrapbooks. I've got a massive one that's filled with movie tickets, pictures, stuff from when I was a kid, and it's just so nice to get to look back on everything in one place. My sister actually bought me a really pretty scrapbook a few years back and I'm still yet to print off some pictures and get scrapbooking so that's definitely something to fill the next rainy day with!

I have kept a journal since I was 12 years old. Sometimes I'll go months and months without writing anything, but then I'll suddenly pick it back up and be writing pages and pages. I still keep one to this day as personally for me it's a way of getting any worries or bad feelings I may have out of my head and tucked away somewhere else, but also it's an amazing thing to have and look back on in years to come. I love reading my old journal as I'm reminded of certain memories from high school that I forgot ever happened and it's such a nice way of remembering certain times in your life! I would definitely recommend starting a journal if you haven't already!

So those are my suggestions for things to do on a rainy day! I'm actually having a lazy day today and spending it knitting, doodling and watching disney films before I'm back to the grindstone in university tomorrow and I definitely plan on looking back at this list the next time I have a full day to relax! Let me know in the comments what you like to do on a rainy day and thanks so much for reading!



  1. I love these ideas! I'm trying to read more and rainy days are the perfect excuse to do that! You've got a really nice blog :) x

    1. Thank you so much! :) Oh me too I've got so behind recently! :) xxx

  2. Love rainy days for these exact reasons and it sure rains a lot here in London! Lovely post xx

  3. 10 things to do on a rainy day? more like 10 things to do everyday ;D

    - Candace Marie

  4. Love these ideas, and I tend to do most of them too on a rainy day!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  5. I really want to make a new scrapbook, need to go to hobbycraft soon.

    Meme xx

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