Sunday, 24 July 2016

5 Easy Ways To Eat More Healthy

I am a sucker for junk food. Crisps, chocolate, cake, I want it all! But as much as I enjoy indulging in these foods, in the long run it's probably not the best food I can be giving my body. I decided I wanted to eat more healthy but knew I couldn't switch to a completely healthy diet straight away, so instead I decided to just change certain aspects of my eating habits until eventually I fall into a routine that is much better for me. I thought I would share with you guys some of the things I've been doing in order to eat a bit better and look after my body more!

Bread, rice, pasta... anything where you can switch to a 'wholewheat' version, do it! I used to think that wholewheat rice tasted really bland and didn't have as much flavour in it, but after making the switch and continuing to eat that every time we have a rice or pasta dish, I eventually became used to it and now I don't actually like any of the white products. Funny how that works!

Although dark chocolate isn't exactly healthy, it's much better to eat than milk and white chocolate! I am a complete chocolate face and I need my chocolate fix after meals so I switched to buying dark chocolate bars and I have a few squares with a cup of green tea after my evening meals. It satisfies my craving for a dessert without me over indulging and eating a whole share bag of cadburys buttons...!

Smoothies are an amazing way to get goodness into you. My favourite smoothie to make is a mixed berry and banana smoothie which you can check out the blog post for HERE! There are quite a few fruits and vegetables out there that I don't like because of the texture, so I find that chucking them into my nutribullet and blending it together to make a smoothie that I like the flavour of is a great way of getting the benefits without having to munch away on food I don't like! Plus, drinking a smoothie full of blended fruit/veg is apparently a lot easier for our bodies to digest and get nutrients from than eating the food whole (correct me if I'm wrong!)

Myself and my mum try to meal plan on a monday evening all of the teas we're going to eat during the week. Sometimes we do really well and eat a healthy cooked meal every night, other weeks we skip a day and end up buying something pre-cooked from the supermarket which is never the healthiest. Sitting down and working out what you want to eat for the week will help so much in getting good foods into you, rather than buying something in a rush on the day. Also this will definitely help to save money as well!

Every week pick a fruit or vegetable that you've never had before and try it out. There are so many foods out there that I just say I 'don't like' when in reality I've not actually tried most of them. This way you might discover an ingredient that you adore and you'll be able to create a more varied diet with the new foods you'll discover! 

How do you stay healthy? Do you have any tips on eating better?



  1. I always make it a point to have greens with every meal and I must have at least one fruit a day. It helps my body going and I feel a lot better when I have my daily dose of greens and fruits. Another thing is to drink lotssss of water! I drink so much water that the toilet is now my best friend.

    1. I'm the same with water! I drink so much of it I'm constantly going to the bathroom ahah! xxx

  2. Luckily I love dark chocolate and brown rice! Such great easy tips to eat more healthy!

  3. I actually hate milk chocolate so eating dark chocolate is easy for me! I think when it comes to eating healthy, trying new foods is a really good way to keep things interesting and also in general just eating things in moderation is pretty key.

    1. I definitely need to start only eating when I'm actually hungry instead of just boredom eating! That's one of my biggest problems! xxx