Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Weekend In Lytham St Annes

A few weekends ago myself and my boyfriend travelled to Lytham St Annes for a weekend away with his family. Each year they all get together for the Lytham club day, which features a parade put on by all the schools, organisations, societies, churches etc within the town. It's honestly such a lovely weekend away and we always seem to end up with glorious weather. I thought it would be nice to share with you guys a little 'come with me' post and tell you a few things about the town!
We all woke up early and sat outside the house we were renting for the weekend to watch the parade go by. Luckily we chose a house that was right on the main street so it was so lovely to be able to sit with some deck chairs and watch everything from the comfort of the place we were staying. After the parade finishes we all take a walk along the front and through the town centre. Lytham is honestly one of the nicest places to visit. It's full of quaint and quirky little shops, mostly independent and family run and it just has such an amazing feeling of community! We all stopped off for an ice cream to devour whilst taking in the sea air and watching all the dogs run around in the sunshine!
After that it was time to retreat back to the house we were staying in and cook ourselves a barbecue! It was my first barbecue of the year and boy was it yummy. The weather stayed gorgeous all day and we were able to sit outside in the garden, happily enjoying the sun and ending the day with a nice bru and chit chat! If you're looking to explore any local towns or to visit more places in England I would definitely recommend heading to Lytham for a weekend. I wish I had taken some pictures of the town centre to show you guys just how beautiful it is but I was too busy enjoying it to remember to whip out my camera! It's honestly such a gorgeous place and I wish we could've stayed there for even longer. I can't wait for club day next year!



  1. That little house with all the balloons! How cute! It totally reminded me of the movie 'Up'. This really sounds like an awesome day. Good to hear that you enjoyed. :) | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. Ahah it was by far my favourite float in the parade! Thank you it really was :) xxx