Wednesday, 16 November 2016

20 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I realised the other day that I haven't done a 'get to know me' type of post since my first ever blog post when I originally introduced myself, so I thought I would update you guys a little bit and tell you a few things that you won't already know about me. I really enjoy getting to know the person behind the blog so I hope you enjoy this little insight into me as a person!

1. I keep everything. My room is honestly full of things that I've assigned some sort of sentimental meaning to, when really it's just rubbish and needs throwing away!
2. I hate being in the dark. Always have, probably always will.
3. English is my thing. It's always been my favourite subject and it's what I'm currently studying as a degree. Writing and reading will always be my biggest passions.
4. I hate when people call others 'sad' for liking something. If you make someone feel embarrassed for getting excited about something we'll probably never be friends. Let people like whatever they want to like.
5. I cry easily. It doesn't take much for me to cry sad tears or happy tears, whether it's a film, book, or an upset friend, I feel things intensely!
6. I love going to bed just so I can live in my own imagination before I fall asleep. I hope I'm not the only one who imagines things they want to happen.
7. I dream every night without fail. Sometimes, my dreams feel so real that I've woken up and thought that what I dreamt actually happened.
8. I am a Hufflepuff. A lot of people assume I would be a Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff is where my heart is!
9. Up until the age of 12, I was a complete tomboy. I was football mad and didn't wear a skirt until high school.
10. I am a complete and utter hopeless romantic. My love for books has given me unrealistic expectations of romance.
11. I used to do karate and was pretty damn good at it. I made it all the way to my red belt assessment before I quit and I'm honestly gutted that I didn't stick at it.
12. I have an overly obsessive mind. In many different ways, some good, some terrible.
13. I really want a tattoo. I have so many different ideas for what tattoos I want but I'm such a wimp and am very nervous of the pain.
14. I hate sauce. I have to have all of my food plain and dry. I cannot stand the texture and taste of most sauces, although I'm slowly trying to change my tastebuds!
15. I'm scared of the sea. I love swimming when it's in a pool but when it's in the sea I freak out. I'm not a strong swimmer and I don't enjoy not knowing what creatures around me.
16. I love having my hair played with. It is probably the most relaxing thing in the entire world. If I could hire someone to play with my hair all day, I would.
17. Coffee chocolates are my absolute favourite. Followed closely by strawberry and orange creams.
18. I used to have an ear stretcher. It was only a tiny 3mm one because I was too scared of having a giant hole in my ear forever, but I genuinely really liked it.
19. I'm an incredibly nostalgic person. I really want to do some more blog posts on things from my childhood.
20. I love traditions and really struggle with change. This is definitely something I need to work on!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better!



  1. I would definitely hire someone to play with my hair as well if I could! haha Best feeling in the world.

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. Haha I loved reading this. Its so nice to get to know you more each time you post :) I can't believe you hate sauces, what a interesting item to dislike! But then again, some are pretty nasty! You're such a lovely person Samantha, thank you for sharing this post about you :) M x

    1. This is such a lovely comment!! :) Ahaha yeah it's the texture of thick gloopy sauces I just really dislike! Aw thank you so much that's so kind <3 I'm glad you liked it! :) xxx

  3. great post ! I have a tiny stretcher too ! to scared to go to big ! Check out my blog to please :)

  4. I am with you on the unexpected expectations of relationships thanks to too many romance books!

    Danielle xx

  5. I totally get what you mean about having your hair played with. It gives me this like weird sensation down my back too which I love.
    Aleeha xXx


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