Sunday, 26 February 2017

February | 2017

I've really enjoyed February. It's been a while since an entire month has run smoothly, with each day feeling like a good day so I'm really loving this and I hope it carries on over the next few months. Maybe my bad luck is finally coming to an end!

I started back at university this month for the next semester of my second year so my days have become a lot busier! Thankfully, I'm really enjoying the majority of the work I'm doing in this semester so it's not hugely difficult getting up so early in the mornings. I've also been really happy with my blog content this month. I'm really enjoying writing more chatty/advice type posts so I've really been loving the time where I get to sit down and work on my blog. February's been a good month!

I've really worked hard on my main goal for 2017 this month, which is getting out of the house more, so my highlight of february has to be all of the cinema and food trips I've had with my friends. I saw La La Land this month and I loved it! I have mixed feelings on the ending, although I do understand why it happened that way. I'm also having a friend round on pancake day to make some delicious pancakes together so I'm sure that will be another highlight before the month is up!

I discovered a new music favourite this month, Jonathan Young. He's an artist who posts rock/punk/metal covers of a variety of songs on youtube. He's done entire albums of disney covers, some of my favourite include hellfire from hunchback and shiny from moana! If you like disney and rock music, give his covers a go!



  1. I think I will have to check out Jonathan Young, it sounds right up my street!

    Danielle xx

  2. I'm still hoping to see La La Land soon, i haven't quite got to the cinema yet! Alice xxx

    1. It's incredible! Really is the masterpiece everyone says it is! xxx