Wednesday, 29 March 2017

March | 2017

I've decided to go back to the old way of writing these posts and include things like what I've been reading, watching etc, as I've not really been loving the layout of the past few I've done. Hopefully you enjoy it!

This month I read All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and I really enjoyed it. There were parts where I wasn't sure if I really liked Violet, the female protagonist, but overall I thought the book told a beautiful story and touched on so many important issues regarding mental health. I was a broken mess towards the end of the book and it left me with so many things to think about. I would really recommend looking up this book if you're stuck for something to read!

I'm finally in my last month of taking Roaccutane and I can't wait to finish this treatment. I'm praying it will have worked and my skin will stay clear even after I stop taking it, but we'll see! I'm looking forward to being able to use more of a variety of skincare products! 

All I've been listening to this month is the Divide album by Ed Sheeran. I've pretty much just left it on repeat 24/7. If I had to choose a favourite song it would probably be Barcelona, but I honestly love every single one for different reasons. Ed never fails to create wonderful music!

Beauty and the Beast! 
I absolutely adored this film. I loved that we were given backstories for why the beast is so cruel and how belle came to lose her mother. I loved how much detail and sheer beauty went into every single set, especially the castle, and I've been listening to the new songs ever since I watched it. Evermore is definitely a favourite! One of my favourite things about it though definitely has to be what they did with the character LeFou, I absolutely loved him! I'm going to see this film again in a few days and if you haven't seen it yet, what are you doing?!

I feel like I say this in every roundup post, but life has honestly just consisted of university deadlines this month. I have a set of deadlines in november, january, march and may, so this month I've spent most of my time at my desk! Thankfully, these deadlines weren't the worst ones I've ever done so I'm not feeling too stressed out about them. 
One of the highlights of this month definitely has to be the fact that my grandma turned 80! All of the family gathered at my grandparents house for a surprise party with drinks, food, music and games and it was such a wonderful evening. I absolutely love our family get togethers and it was so lovely to celebrate my grans 80th with her! 

How was March for you?


(p.s sorry for the fact that the last few blog posts have been a bit skewiff, normal sunday uploads should start again next week!)


  1. Lovely post! I've been hearing great things about that book, I will have to give it a try! I also want to see Beauty and the Beast, the costumes and sets look AMAZING! Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

    xxxx from Emily //

    1. Beauty and the Beast really is incredible! Glad you liked the post :) xxx

  2. This is such a great post to round up how your month was! It seems like you had an amazing March :)
    I've been busy with my college deadlines, too & can't wait for summer break already!

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn

    1. Thank you! Me too I'm definitely looking forward to some time off! :) xxx

  3. I have been loving the Ed Sheeran album too- in fact I think everyone is! ;)

    1. That's very true, it's so good! :) xxx

  4. Love this post idea! I might have to try it out myself one time xx

  5. I'm not normally an Ed Sheeran fan but I do like Shape of You and Galway Girl. Happy Birthday to your Grandma, sounds like a lovely family celebration!
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I love Galway Girl, this album is definitely some of his best work! Thank you! It was :) xxx