Friday, 26 May 2017

Don't Stop Spreading Love

This wasn't the original blog post I had planned for today, but after everything that's happened recently I didn't really feel comfortable uploading a normal blog post without acknowledging what's happened.
A lot of you will have probably heard on the news about the attack that happened on Monday night in Manchester. I can't quite believe that it happened and I think the whole city is in a state of shock. I wanted to write todays' post, as a way to express my love and prayers to everyone involved in the attack, and also as a reminder to never stop spreading love.

All too often I see people online, nitpicking at little things people do, putting people down, starting arguments, calling people names, and just generally spreading negativity for honestly no real reason at all.
But, it's times like this where I see so much love in the world. I see strangers helping strangers; people giving up their time and money and offering anything they can to help; people sending love to strangers on social media and offering to listen if they need to talk. I see kindness compassion, generosity and love. I see humanity. And I just want to take todays' post as a reminder of that. A reminder that we need to keep being kind and compassionate towards people and to not obsess over the little things that don't matter. We need to be nice to each other.
The events that took place on Monday were absolutely atrocious. I still can't believe that they happened in this beautiful city, and I want to send every inch of my love and prayers to the victims, their families, and anyone who was affected by what happened. Even though this is a time of grief and sorrow, I can say that I've never been prouder to be a mancunian. The amount of people that rallied together and offered their support when people needed them left me in tears. I love this city and the people in it so much. 
Life is so precious and we need to make sure that we appreciate every second. When you get home from school or work, talk to your loved ones, tell them about your day and ask how theirs went. When you’re scrolling through social media, leave a comment on your friends latest post telling them how gorgeous they are. When you’re walking down the street, smile at the strangers that you walk past. 
This world can use every bit of love that it can get, and it’s so so important that we don’t forget to keep spreading it. There’s a wonderful quote that says, ‘spread kindness around like confetti’ and I think the world needs as much as it can get right now.


  1. The attack in Manchester has really affected me - I feel broken inside due to so many innocent lives being taken. I loved reading this post my love - we really do need to live life to the full and appreciate every single second. Sending love and hugs!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

    1. It's absolutely heartbreaking. I can't go on social media without getting emotional! Thank you, lots of love! xxx

  2. It is so scary, something like this living so close to where I live. The way people have been rallying though and helping people is so inspiring!

    Danielle xx

    1. It really is! All I saw on social media were people trying to help and it was so wonderful to see in a time so horrible <3 xxx

  3. You are absolutely right. It's heartbreaking to see these things happen with no warning and I wish more than anything that we wouldn't have to worry about unexpected danger.
    This is a lovely reminder that everyone needs to hear. Thank you for sharing this post with us. <3

    - Jo

    1. Thank you! It's horrible to think that something so terrible can happen at any moment, any time, but we need to keep living our lives to the full and not waste a second! <3 xxx


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