Friday, 9 June 2017

The Soundtrack You NEED To Listen To

A few weeks ago I got a message from my fellow music-loving friend, Kieran, containing two youtube links and the message ‘think you’ll really like these’. 14 songs and an hour of ugly crying later, I was obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen.

If you haven’t already heard of the new musical that is currently taking broadway by storm, Dear Evan Hansen is the story of a young boy named Evan, who struggles with social anxiety and other mental health issues, who ends up fabricating a lie that creates all sorts of emotions, both positive and negative. The story deals with a number of sensitive issues, such as anxiety, suicide, the relationship between parents and children, and the negativities of social media. If you’ve ever felt alone, isolated, scared, or even if you just need something to do this evening, you NEED to listen to this musical.
 The first song that I listened to from this soundtrack was Waving Through A Window, which is currently the most popular song of the musical, and I was hooked. I instantly related to the lyrics of the song, I adored the beautiful melody and was floored by the vocals of Ben Platt (who plays Evan Hansen). I then clicked on the second song that my friend sent me, a track called You Will Be Found, and I. was. broken. The tears came almost instantly and they did not stop! After that, I listened to the entire soundtrack, start to finish, and honestly, I have never felt so emotionally drained, inspired, broken, happy, overwhelmed and amazed, all at the same time. Not only are the score and the vocals so overwhelmingly beautiful and heartbreaking, but the lyrics absolutely tore me to pieces. I have never been able to relate and feel so deeply towards a show before. I was looking up flight tickets to new york that same night.

I can’t talk about this musical without telling you some of my thoughts towards the songs. I’ve already mentioned You Will Be Found as being a song that completely broke me, and I physically cannot listen to this song without crying. It is so beautiful and so full of hope and meaning that I can’t help but become overwhelmed each time I hear it. Again, another song that I’ve already mentioned, Waving Through A Window, has such incredible lyrics and Ben Platt never fails to amaze me each time I listen to his voice. For Forever is the third song in this musical, and has one of the most beautiful melodies in the whole soundtrack, which is actually repeated in the Finale. Just listen to it, you will cry. Both For Forever and If I Could Tell Her are the tracks where I think the beauty of Ben Platts voice fully shines through, although he is honestly incredible no matter what he sings. His falsetto is just breathtaking. Also If I Could Tell Her makes you wish that you had a Ben Platt in your life, trust me.
 Sincerely Me is pretty much the comic relief of the show and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve danced around my house to this song. It’s incredible. Also Will Roland (who plays Jared, a fellow school kid) has some brilliant one liners and adds the humour to this song brilliantly!
Requiem, Only Us and Good For You are the songs that I sing the most, given that they include female singers. Rachel Bay Jones (who plays Heidi, Evan’s mum), has one of the most incredible voices I’ve heard in the song Good For You. The emotion that she puts into it makes you feel like you’re watching a performance, rather than just listening to the soundtrack. And Kristolyn Lloyd (who plays Alana), can hit some incredible notes with her breathtaking voice. She amazes me in every song she sings!
The difference in Rachel Bay Jones' vocals between Good For You and the song So Big/So Small is astounding. She’s pure talent. So Big/So Small is absolutely stunning and there's one line in it that I think breaks the heart of every listener. Requiem has some of the most beautiful harmonies by Laura Dreyfuss (who plays Zoe Murphy), Jennifer Laura Thompson (who plays Cynthia Murphy) and Michael Park (who plays Larry Murphy) and Only Us will, again, make you wish you had a Ben Platt in your life.
Disappear, the seventh song on this soundtrack, is possibly one of my top favourite songs. The lyrics are just incredible. It sends such a brilliant message that I think so many people on this earth might need to hear. Again, I rarely listen to this one without crying and Mike Faist (who plays Connor Murphy) has an incredible voice.
 Anybody Have A Map is the first song on this soundtrack and kicks off the story with a ridiculously catchy chorus and beautiful vocals from Jennifer Laura Thompson and Rachel Bay Jones. To Break In A Glove is a song which initially came across as quite light-hearted to me but as it goes on it actually has a beautiful and quite heartbreaking message within it.
 And finally, Words Fail, the song where Ben Platt CRIES AS HE SINGS, and absolutely breaks your heart into a million and one tiny little pieces. There is part of this song that brings in a reprise of Waving Through A Window and it is one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking, incredible pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Thank you Dear Evan Hansen, for completely tearing me to pieces.

If you have a spare moment, PLEASE, listen to this musical. It is already on it’s way to becoming one of the biggest musicals going and it completely deserves all the praise it gets. The entire cast are absolutely incredible at what they do and all of them deserve recognition for the their wonderful voices, their incredible acting and the connection that they make with their audience! I’ve pretty much played the soundtrack from start to finish every day since I first listened to it and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon, no matter how many times my heart breaks!
I have cried the ugliest of tears and I've laughed out loud. I've been overwhelmed with how beautiful music can be and filled with hope that no matter what, everything WILL be okay. Dear Evan Hansen is one of those musicals that will save people, and I will recommend it until I'm old and grey.
 One day, I might be able to jet off to New York and see this wonderful creation live on broadway, but for now, the soundtrack is all I have, and I will play it on repeat until I’m singing it in my sleep!




  1. What a detailed post, Samantha. Thank you!

    Music never fails to astound me; It has immense ability to evoke all sorts of emotion in us.

    I've never heard of 'Dear Evan Hansen'...but it sounds like I've got some catching up to do- perfect for a Saturday night in!


    1. Honestly, it's incredible! If music makes you emotional then this is definitely something to listen to! :) xxx