Monday, 21 August 2017

5 Things To Remember When You're Having A Bad Day

No one is happy 24/7. No matter how many perfect pictures you see on instagram or how many tweets you see about someone having endless fun, everyone has bad days. Whether it's waking up in a terrible mood, everything going wrong throughout the day, or just simply not feeling your best, it's totally normal to feel low every now and then. I definitely find myself having bad days here and there, and if you struggle with mental health issues those days can feel terrible. I thought today I would share five things that might be able to help when you’re having a day where you just can’t seem to shake away those bad feelings.

IT WON'T LAST FOREVER... You didn't feel this bad yesterday, so you won't feel this way forever. Bad days are just that. They're days. Reminding yourself of the fact that these feelings will eventually subside might even speed up the process.

YOU'RE NOT ALONE... Like I mentioned above, every single person has days like this. When you’re constantly looking at everyones best bits on social media, it can feel like you’re the only person who is having a real sh*tty time but honestly, you’re not. Remember that even those people who seem to always be happy have their moments as well.

SOMETIMES IT'S BETTER TO EMBRACE IT... The other week I was having a day where I just felt like crap, nothing was going right and I was fighting through these feelings to try and get stuff done. Luckily, right now I’m in a position where I had the option to just say screw it, I’m not doing it and I gave into these crappy feelings. I made myself a bru, put my cosies on and watched Harry Potter. I felt rubbish through the majority of it, but by the end of the film I felt much better and felt able to return to my work with a clearer mind. Of course we can't do something like this every time we feel low, but sometimes instead of pushing and fighting against these feelings it's better to embrace them and allow yourself to just feel sad. Acknowledging these feelings might help to clear them away.

IT'S OKAY TO TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF... Me allowing myself to take some time to myself is one hundred percent okay. The only person it affected at that moment in time was me, so I allowed myself the option to say 'right now I just need to be on my own and be miserable'. We can't all paste a smile onto our faces all day long, and if you have the option it's totally okay to take some quiet time to yourself to recoup. 

YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL WANT TO HELP... If you’re having a really bad day, it’s okay to reach out to someone. Your family/friends will not be annoyed at you for wanting to chat, wanting to go out somewhere or even for wanting to be left alone. They’ll respect that you’re not having your best day and it is completely okay to ask for help when you need it.

How do you deal with your bad days?



  1. I love all of these Samantha, I love doing exactly what I like when I'm having a bad day, and it usually makes me feel better too! xxx

  2. Beautiful blog post!!! Love this!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Len

  3. Such a great post and so true. So important to remember that you're not alone!

    Danielle xx

  4. These are some great things to remember! I'll definitely take them into account the next time I'm having a bad day!
    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

    1. I'm glad this post could help! Thank you <3 xxx

  5. This was much needed!! <3

    Caterina |

  6. Great post! I think taking some time out to have some 'me' time always helps. xx

  7. These are all such great reminders

  8. Love this post! We all need a little reminder of these when we've had a rough day! Thank you for sharing.
    a life of a charlotte

  9. This is a great list, Samantha!
    If I'm having a bad day, usually I bury myself in my room and watch a good movie as well. I always feel much better afterwards!


  10. I love embracing a bad day and just settling in with a cup of tea and a good movie...taking a good mental health day is so important. Beautiful post, Samantha :)

  11. I love that you included "embrace it" as one of your tips! At first I wasn't sure how you could embrace a bad day but suggesting self car was a great tip!


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