Friday, 29 September 2017

Reverse Bucket List

I'm constantly setting myself goals. Whether that be huge milestones that I want to achieve in the future, or positive habits that I want to bring into my everyday life, I'm constantly giving myself things to work towards. Whilst I absolutely love doing this, sometimes it can become quite daunting to constantly be thinking of all the things you haven't yet achieved. 
A while back, I saw the lovely Mackenzie do a post called 'my reverse bucket list', and I fell in love with the idea. Instead of a list of all the things you haven't yet achieved, it's a list of all the things you have achieved. It reminds you of how far you've already come and I think that's a wonderful thing. So, without further ado, here is my reverse bucket list!

- maintained top grades throughout all of my education
- learnt how to knit and made my own patchwork quilt
- taken part in numerous different charity runs
- snorkelled in the red sea
- rode a camel over a volcano
- made friendships that will last a lifetime
- travelled up and down England going to gigs/festivals
- seen a shooting star
- visited paris
- started a book club
- climbed mount snowdon
- fallen in love
- reached red belt in karate
- started and maintained a blog
- been to the theatre
- kept a journal for over 12 years
- held a snake
- sang in a choir
- ridden a horse
-planted a tree
- can play the basics on both guitar and piano
- crossed the river nile
- been a bridesmaid

The wonderful thing is that I've probably left lots of things off that list and have achieved more than even I can remember. I love it!
What would be on your reverse bucket list?



  1. This is actually such a good idea! You did a lot!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I love this idea! Going to Disney World this summer would be on my reserve bucket list. ♥

    1. Oh I am jealous! I'm desperate to go to Disney World! <3 xxx

  3. This is such a good idea, I really loved reading about all the things you've done! You've inspired me to do my own! xx

    1. I'm so happy you liked it! Definitely do your own, it's such a good feeling! <3 xxx

  4. This is a lovely idea, so nice to focus on the positives and where you've been!

    Danielle xx

  5. that kind of list is very positive, I should try to do my own, I would increase my selfesteem! ^^

  6. This is such a good idea... adding it to my post ideas list...
    Aleeha xXx

  7. This is a great idea, you've had some amazing experiences by the looks of it!

    Chloe Xx

  8. I absolutely love this idea! It's nice to see you achieve great things.


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