Sunday, 31 December 2017

My Year At A Glance | 2017

It’s officially the last day of 2017!
I can’t quite believe that an entire year has passed by and by midnight tonight a brand new one will have begun. I’m actually having quite a relaxed evening in tonight with my family as opposed to a big night out. We’ll be drinking lots of champagne and playing lots of board games and I cannot wait!
I figured I would end my final post of the year with a chatty look back on 2017 (because right now I seem to be loving the casual, rambly posts) and talk through any of the significant things that have happened to me/see how well I did with my goals.
When I think back over the past year, there are three particular things that instantly come to mind as the most significant, important things to have happened in 2017:

The first is that I FINISHED MY SECOND YEAR OF UNIVERSITY WITH A FIRST, AND I BEGAN MY THIRD AND FINAL YEAR. I’m really struggling to come to terms with the fact that I’m graduating in 2018 and I just know I’m going to be a complete and utter mess throughout the entire day. I absolutely adore being at university, and the endless stress, tears and all nighters are currently completely worth it because, without blowing my own trumpet, I’m doing really well! My blog posts have been completely haywire since october and that’s because all of my time and energy is currently going into my degree, and I’m honestly so proud of the work I’ve done so far. 2017 has been super kind to me on the academic front.

The second significant thing of 2017 is that I went on MY FIRST NIGHT OUT IN THREE YEARS. I haven’t spoken much about mental health on this blog because I’m trying to keep things less personal, but I hadn’t set foot in a bar/club or pretty much the centre of manchester for a loooong time, until finally back in november I had my first night out in 3 years and I absolutely loved it. I had the best time dancing the night away with my friends and whilst I will always still prefer my cosy nights in, I finally feel like my old self again.

The third big thing of 2017 has to be the fact that I now have CLEAR SKIN. Long time readers of my blog will have followed my acne journey and I can’t quite put into words just how much having clear skin has affected my life. In 2016 my acne was at its absolute worst and there were so many days where I didn’t leave the house, couldn’t look in the mirror without crying, and honestly never thought that it would go away. I’ve had people who saw me with my acne at my worst and who see me now tell me that I don’t hide my face anymore, I wear my hair tied back and I’m noticeably so much more confident than I used to be. There’s going to a lot more skincare posts featuring on this blog throughout 2018 and I’m looking forward to continuing to document my skincare journey!

In terms of my goals for 2017, I think I did pretty well! Throughout the year I definitely improved on 5 out of the 7 things that I set for myself, especially getting outside! I did an entire post recently about the importance of pushing yourself, and I’ve honestly pushed myself so much this year to do the things that scare me. The goal that I probably failed the most on would be scrapbooking, but hey, I can live with that!

I’m honestly so excited for whatever 2018 is going to bring. For some reason it feels like a good one, (although I don’t want to jinx anything), and I’m super excited to see what the next year has in store for me. Louise Pentland always writes at the end of her blog anniversary posts a sentence showing what each year has represented for her, and I absolutely love that idea so I thought I would start my own! For me, 2017 has definitely been the year of rebuilding. It was very slow at first, but the past few months have seen me work so hard at improving so many aspects of my life, and I feel like I’ve really set the ball rolling for 2018. Tomorrow is the start of a brand new week, a brand new month and a brand new year, what better time is there to start fresh?!
I can’t wait to see what will come!


  1. Happy New Year lovely :)
    I hope 2018 is amazing for you <3 xxx

  2. Lovely post! xx

  3. I'm so happy that you had this night out! Also I'm definitely going to read a post about how you cleared your skin because mine hasn't been the best since 2016.

    1. Ahah thank you! <3 It was definitely a looooong journey for me and it's still going but I'm finally feeling confident in my skin! But yes I've written lots of posts about skincare so I hope you find something that helps :) xxx

  4. Well done you on having your first night out in a long time. I know how daunting that can be, I have been in a similar position myself. I just had to do it in baby steps and in the end I had the best time!

    Danielle xx

    1. Thank you!! I was exactly the same - started off small and eventually I got there <3 Well done to us! xxx

  5. Well done lovely! Hope 2018 is filled with joy, love and above all health! Can't wait to see more of your posts! :)

    Layla xx


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