Monday, 29 October 2018

Laughter Is The Best Medicine (Really)

When someone asks you what some of your favourite memories are, typically we turn to the times when we've been bent over double, clutching our stomaches from laughter, or the times that we can look back on and cry from laughter now. It's something that we experience in some shape or form almost every day, so today I wanted to talk about why laughter is so important, and why we should all strive to have as much of it as possible!

LAUGHTER IS WEIRD, BUT ALSO AMAZING... When you think about it, laughter is a very strange phenomenon. We make strange sounds we don't usually make *sometimes uncontrollable wheezing*, it causes pain in our stomachs, it causes our eyes to stream, and we have little control over when it occurs and how long for! But at the same time, it's one of the best feelings we experience, and all of these strange aspects collect to make a moment that we look back on and feel joy!

IF SOMEONE IS LAUGHING, LET THEM LAUGH!... Obviously, there are some instances where laughing is not the most appropriate thing to do, but if it's the right scenario and a person is laughing, let them. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you're crying from laughing so hard, and someone turns around, rolls their eyes, and says 'it wasn't even that funny'. Maybe I'm over-sensitive, but if someone is laughing that hard, just let them enjoy it!

IS LAUGHTER THE 'POINT TO LIFE'... This is getting waaay too deep for a Monday evening, but a lot of people say that the 'point to life' is all the moments when we feel clear, uncomplicated joy, and that life is about finding as many of those moments as we can. We even have laughter therapy, which is due to the fact that laughter caused our body to release endorphins, resulting in lowering out stress levels, reducing anxiety, and improving our overall mental health. I'm not sure how I feel about forcing laugher, but the fact that it exists as a branch of therapy pushes me to want to experience it every day, no matter how small!

What's one of your funniest memories?



  1. Nothing quit compares to having a good laugh with somebody!

    Danielle xx


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