Friday, 12 October 2018

Meet Daphne

Along with re-introducing myself on this blog, I thought it would be nice to give an introduction to this little lady, who joined our family back on the 24th of June and has definitely made her impact since. My mum and step-dad had been toying with the idea of adding a little pupper to the family for a long time, and this summer we all finally decided the time was right for her to join us!

  • Her name is Daphne, although more often than not we actually call her Daffy - her nicknames commonly include daffy duck and daphne doodlebug (don't ask)
  • She is a chocolate brown, working cocker spaniel
  • She is currently 6 months old
  • Her favourite toy is a stuffed bear that she carries around in her mouth no matter where she is or what she's doing - this was especially cute when she was a puppy and pretty much the same size as the bear
  • Even though she's the last member to join the family (my step-dad already has a dog and we look after family members dogs quite often), she gets incredibly jealous - even if she doesn't want your attention, she will come and stop you from giving it to anyone else
  • She sometimes sits whilst holding her front paw in her mouth which is very adorable
  • Because all of the other dogs in the family are old, she's not very popular - being a puppy means she wants to play all the time which the other dogs hate her a little bit for
  • Even though her coat is chocolate brown and straight, the fur on her ears is curly and ginger
  • She gets in these moods where nothing and no one will calm her down - it's like the tasmanian devil has possessed her
  • She is a joy to cuddle as she will climb all over you and fall asleep on your chest
  • Since she has grown she's definitely more 'pretty' than cute - her face is very long and almost regal looking
  • She steals everything - and then sits there looking all innocent whilst she waits for you to join in with the game and try to take it away from her
  • Even though she wants to play all the time, she also just wants to be near other dogs - she will slowly edge closer and closer so that she can sleep next to them without them noticing
  • She loves to clean her brothers' ears
  • When she was a puppy, her eyes were bright turquoise - now they're more of a hazel colour

Do you have any pets?



  1. Oh my goodness, this is cuteness overload. You are making me want another puppy!

    Danielle xx

  2. She is gorgeous! My dog used to get in those same Tasmanian devil-like moods and it was awful haha. Hopefully that leaves her as it left mine as she grew!

    Deanna |


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