Friday, 5 October 2018

The Lush Showcase 2018 - Photo Diary

On Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th of September, the Lush Showcase came to the convention complex in Manchester, for two days of entertainment, exploration, and interaction! I was very lucky to be invited along to the event to experience what the showcase had to offer, and it definitely did not disappoint!
In true Lush fashion, there was no shortage of fun, innovative and immersive experiences. The showcase housed a stage, in which people from all backgrounds performed throughout the day, a funhouse where your exit was an impressive yellow slide, and 'hot air' balloons available for you to experience a panoramic view of the convention in it's entirety. 
They had pretty much every product they sell on beautiful displays throughout the convention, available for you to purchase in the expansive shop, but that wasn't all. There was a collection of haircare products currently in development for you to test out and give your opinion on, along with one of my absolute favourite parts of the event, the new bath bombs. From Goddess, a jasmine scented bath bomb, to Black Rose, a turkish rose and lemon scent, the new bath bombs looked incredible. Although as far as I'm aware, these new products are actually intended for a new Lush store opening in Japan, dedicated solely to bath bombs! 
Not only did they demonstrate these new bath bombs, they also had stations where you could make your own. This was true for skincare products as well, and it was so interesting getting to learn how so many Lush products are typically made. They also had a variation of talks going on where you could learn about the work Lush does to ensure its ethics are maintained and much more. 
To make the experience even more interactive, you could visit the Lush spa and have a massage, or if that wasn't your thing, Lush built their very own 'mood room', where each hour represented a different mood and allowed you to relax or rejuvenate if you needed to *this is the picture of the indoor rain*!
Another of my favourite aspects though had to be the makeup counter, which I was surprised at considering I've never actually used Lush makeup before. They had all of their existing products, plus new releases, on display, where you could test and use the products as you liked, or get your makeup done by a professional. I was amazed by the new Glow Sticks available, and I couldn't hide my amazement at how well pigmented the eyeshadow pots were. I'm definitely going to be exploring their makeup section more often!
It was an absolutely incredible day experiencing everything Lush had to offer, learning and seeing firsthand the morals of the company, and spending the day surrounded by all the best Lush scents you can think of!

What's your favourite Lush product?





  1. This showcase looked amazing! I'm so surprised at the variety of workshops and activities there were, especially making your own products. It just sounds like so much fun!

    Julia x
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    1. I know I couldn't believe all of the things you could do there! It was a brilliant event! xxx

  2. This looks like such an amazing event, I am so obsessed with everything Lush at the moment!

    Danielle xx


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