Monday, 5 November 2018

Why Intelligence Doesn't Always Equal Knowledge

Developing our knowledge is an incredibly exciting and principle aspect of our lives. We learn every day, whether that's intentional or not, and I think it's incredibly important to make sure we never lose the desire to improve our knowledge. However, all too often I see people enforcing this idea that your level of knowledge equals your level of intelligence, and I have to disagree. Developing your knowledge will always benefit your intelligence, but it isn't the sole contributor, and I also think it's important to remind ourselves that the knowledge someone else has does not diminish the justification of ours.

'DON'T JUDGE A FISH BY ITS ABILITY TO CLIMB A TREE'... Most people will have heard this Einstein quote before and I think it's so important. Everyone is good at something and everyone has their own strengths, yet we're all tested on the same things in the same way. Just because a person might not typically be 'booksmart', doesn't mean they are of lesser intelligence than someone who is, and vice versa - they just have different kinds of intelligence and look at things in different ways.

KNOWLEDGE IS INDIVIDUAL... Every single person has a different collection of knowledge. I doubt there are two people alive who know the exact same things, yet I come across a lot of people who assume other people should know the same things they do. I've had so many instances when someone has said something along the lines of "how on earth do you not know that", or "surely you know that", and it always frustrates me! I probably have a thousand different facts and information inside my own brain that they don't know, and vice versa, so instead of telling someone how they ought to know something, just tell them about it in a straightforward and non-judgemental way, and then they've learnt it. Phrases like that are so common and casual in our everyday speech and I think it's important to be conscious of our language and change these habits that we've become so accustom to accepting as okay. 

INTELLIGENCE IS MADE UP OF VARIETY... Quick thinking, being logical, having an ability to empathise, being kind, having 'common sense', being open-minded - so many different aspects contribute to a person's intelligence besides their factual knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I adore learning new things and I think everyone should always strive towards improving and developing their own knowledge, but this doesn't define your intelligence, and I think it's important that we remind ourselves of this!

What's your opinion on this topic?



  1. I bloody loved reading this blog post sweetie. I feel like more people need to read this!

    Danielle xx

  2. You’re spot on! Someone with a science degree and a doctorate can be completely incapable of making social connections, which is a perfect example of the point you’re making :) I just wish more people would remember this xx

    Teresa |

    1. Exactly, and vice versa! I'm glad you enjoyed the post <3 xxx


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