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Games I Played As A Child

The rainy weather we're currently being treated to here in Manchester is making me feel all kinds of cosy, so today I thought I would get cosy on here as well and write a nostalgic post about all of the games I used to play when I was a child! I've previously written two posts similar to this about books I read and films I watched as a child, and I loved getting to revisit  those parts of my childhood and relive all of the memories they carry along with them. I haven't played any sort of game for a long time now, *the joys of adulthood*, but when I was a child and had nothing in particular to worry about other than the latest school drama, I really enjoyed filling my afternoons and weekends with some of these games. I know many people who read my posts are roughly the same age as me so please let me know in the comments if any of these spark any memories from your own childhood!


Unless my family tell me any different, the first games I remember ever playing on a computer were Mousebreaker and Stardoll! When I was in primary school, it was the height of the day if we were allowed into the computer room during break time (I can't imagine they let us play games during a lesson). Mousebreaker from what I can remember was a website full of classic various car/motorcycle/bike games, where you just held one button down to speed over the course you were playing *riveting*! Stardoll was a website where you could dress up different celebrities in the various outfits they provided, and looking back now I'm realising how pointless a website that was. The ultimate favourite for me personally though was the PollyPocket website. I would never tire of the games on that website, even though I had played them many times!
Progressing from the school computers to our very own bulky computer with dial up internet at home, the game me and my sister would fight over having time to play was Habbo Hotel. We were obsessed. I'm not even sure why because it was essentially just an online chatroom where you paid ridiculous amounts of money to build up your credits so that you could design your own guest room and host private chats with your friends. I guess it was maybe the first instance of social media we had *10p text messages were a rarity when you only had £10 credit for the month* so I guess I can understand the fascination! Looking back it definitely was not the safest thing on the internet, and I'm sure my mum didn't enjoy constantly being asked if we could buy more credits for that tiny virtual sofa I just needed to have!
The first game I remember playing on a laptop was Theme Park World and I'm sure I still have this somewhere. This was basically exactly what it says on the tin; you ran your own theme park! The more customers that came in meant more money you could earn for bigger and better rides and it was such a fun, addictive game.
The raining champion for computer games though has to be the Sims! I would be on that game from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to sleep and it's probably the game I played the longest. One of the first memories I have of the Sims is my sister recreating our family and our home on the Sims 1 and I was so jealous. She did it almost perfectly! My aim with that game was always to create the biggest family I could until it got far too much to handle and then I could start all over again. It was so much fun!


I spent hours as a child playing games on my PS1. 
My sister and I would each take turns playing games like Formula 1, Harry Potter, all the Disney games (The Lion King was my favourite), but my absolute favourite PS1 game has to be Bugs Bunny Lost In Time. This had various different levels bugs bunny could travel through that each presented a different time period. From what I can remember you had the stone age, the 1920's, a pirate ship? (I'm not sure when that represented), and a level in space! It was so good but I remember being a little bit of a cheat and asking my dad to complete the challenges that I struggled with just so I could move on with the game! 
We also had one of the at home Dance Mat's which was so much fun but definitely caused a lot of accidents when it would bunch up underneath your feet and send you toppling over mid dance move!
I definitely want to see if my old playstation still works and revisit some of these games the next time I have a cosy Sunday spare!


The first game I remember purchasing for my Nintendo was the classic Nintendogs, which was simply a pet simulation game where you could purchase and look after various different breeds of dogs. I remember always wanting one of every breed but the game only allowed you to keep a certain amount in your home and I could never face the idea of putting one of my existing dogs up for adoption!
I think maybe one of the most well-known DS games was Animal Crossing, which I definitely didn't play to its full extent as I'm sure you could go through some sort of cave and enter another persons' world, which I definitely never managed to do. Correct me if I'm wrong and I've just completely imagined that?!
My favourite DS game though has to be The Simpsons. Some of the levels on this game were so difficult - I remember the Donkey Kong level taking me weeks to complete! I finally made it to the final level though and it was so difficult I'm not sure I ever completed it. Maybe I'll have to dig out my DS and finally finish the game!


I definitely owned a Gameboy when I was younger because I still have it up in my loft somewhere, but I feel like I was slightly after the hype as I can't remember any specific games I had for it - maybe I'll discover some if I dig it out! 
Something I definitely remember the hype for though was a Tamagotchi. Everyone I knew carried one around in their pockets and definitely let far too many die because they forgot to feed them. I can still remember the noise it made when you turned it on!
One of the biggest games of my childhood though has to be Pokemon. I remember avidly watching the TV programme at my Nanna's house because she would always tape it for us for when we visited, and I was always scared of Mewtoo! I was also a dedicated Pokemon card collector, although I definitely collected more than I played as I'm sure a lot of people did - it was joyous when you finally opened the packet to discover you had found a shiny card. My Pokedex is still going strong, even if I have completely forgotten how to use it, and I was of course a fan of Pokemon Go when it launched a few years back. Needless to say Pokemon was definitely a large part of my childhood! 

I love writing nostalgic posts like this. Whether it's books, films, or games, rediscovering the things I loved as a child fills me with so much joy and brings back so many lovely memories. I definitely want to do more posts like this in the future!

What was your favourite childhood game?



  1. I remember Habbo Hotel so well! I also played something called Coke Music, which was similar to Habbo except run by Coca Cola. Such a different time than now! What a great post. Really brought me back!

    Deanna |

    1. I never knew Coca Cola had a site like that! Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed <3 x

  2. Omgg this post!! haha I loved Habbo Hotel! So many memories.
    Not gonna lie- I still play the sims when I occasionally get a few spare hours to myself haha! So addicting.

    Renee @ Maritime Mama

    1. It really is! I haven't played it for a while now but that's not for lack of wanting to! <3 x

  3. For me it was Crash Bandicoot all day everyday!

    Danielle xx

    1. All of my friends played Crash Bandicoot but for some reason I never did?! Feel like I missed out on something there! x

  4. I was obsessed with the Sims for a while! Haven't played in in years though, which is probably good as I definitely don't have time for it any more! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. OMG I used to love theme park world, it was one of my favourites xx


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