Hi! I'm Samantha and I'm a twenty three year old english graduate from Manchester. 
I created this blog a few years ago as a way to work on my writing skills and keep myself busy in my gap year before university. Three years later I am now the proud owner of a first class english degree with the hope of pursuing a career in writing. 
Over time this blog has grown into a creative outlet for documenting my life, sharing topics close to my heart, and having a lot of fun! I very quickly fell in love with the whole process of writing blog posts, from the planning, photography, writing and editing, to finally hitting that publish button. 
If I'm not writing then I either have my nose buried in a book, my music on full-blast, or am cuddling my mum's cocker spaniel Daphne. 
My hope for this blog is to create an online space in which readers will feel uplifted, motivated, and/or leave with a smile on their face so take a seat, grab a cup of your favourite tea, and enjoy!
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